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Blood pressure is high in the

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The body tag from the corpse of Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot President John F. Kennedy, was sold for 3,600 at an auction.      .. More >>

connecticut river:
1.a river in the northeastern United States      .. More >>

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Benefits of Figs

Helps in Burning Excess Calories

This juice is conducive to weight loss due to its high fiber content. Drinking fig juice as part of a weight loss diet will help in cutting down unnecessary calories but still provide the body with the required nutrition. In some countries, fig extract is used instead of sugar in desserts meant for diabetics.

English Phrases
The unrelated participle

Don't Say:
Being in a hurry, the door was left open.

Being in a hurry, he left the door open.

Take care to provide the logical subject relating to the participle phrase In the sentence given, the logical subject to being In haste is he and not the door.
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