General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

The third SAARC Ministerial Conference on Poverty Alleviation was held recently in

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Invention : plow, steel
Year : 1836
Inventor : john deere
Country : us.      .. More >>

1.a burglar who unlawfully breaks into and enters another person's house
2.a wrecker of houses      .. More >>

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Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Cooling Down Extend your arms

Interlinking fingers, turn your palms to face front and extend your arms forward, feeling the shoulder blades open. Raise your hands overhead and hold. Release and bend your left arm. Placing your right hand below your left elbow, guide the arm backward, taking the left palm toward the shoulder blade. Repeat on the other arm. Interlink your fingers beside your buttocks and raise the arms up and back; feel the chest opening.

Both yet and already are used with the present perfect tense.
  • Already is usually used in positive sentences.
  • Yet is usually used in questions and negative sentences.

    Imagine that you and your friend are going to travel. There are many things to do, and you ask your friend if he has done these things:
  • Have you bought the tickets yet?
  • Have you arranged a taxi yet?
  • Have you reserved the hotel room yet?
  • Have you packed the bags yet?

    In all the examples, use yet at the end of the question. Your friend might answer:
  • Yes, I've already bought the tickets.
  • Yes, I've already arranged a taxi.
  • No, I haven't reserved the room yet.
  • No, I haven't packed the bags yet.

    Use already in the positive answers, and yet in the negative answers.

    There is one time you can use already in questions: it's when something happens earlier than expected. If your son finishes his homework in just 15 minutes, you could ask: "Have you already finished your homework?!" because you were expecting it to take more time.

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