Which of the following statements is correct about Harsha's. religious policy ?

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Waterfall : tugela
Location : natal, south africa
Height : 410 metres.      .. More >>

genus uta:
1.a reptile genus of Iguanidae      .. More >>
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    Cure Puffy Eyes

    Cut some slices of raw potato and apply them around your closed eyes. Leave on for 1520 minutes to have relaxed eyes and get rid of puffy eyes naturally. Next is another remedy for your puffy eyes made of milk. Place a cotton pad dipped in chilled milk on your eye lids. Leave on for 15 minutes. Besides, you can replace milk by vitamin E oil, dip that cotton pad with vitamin E oil in a bowl of chilled water for 5 minutes. Place on your eyes for 20 minutes everyday to cure puffy eyes.

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