Where in India was the first Steel Plant set up ?

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A peanut is not a nut or a pea, it's a legume.      .. More >>

bulgur pilaf:
1.pilaf made with bulgur wheat instead of rice and usually without meat      .. More >>
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    Purifying Indoor Air

    Bamboo is a beautiful plant to keep indoors and yet has immense benefits for indoor air too. Bamboo was rated a score of 8.6/10 by NASA in the list of plants that purify air. Bamboo has the ability to fight of pollutants in the air, purifying the air from fomeldehyde, xylene and carbonmonoxide. Bags filled with bamboo charcoal can be kept indoors to absorb unpleasant odors and keep the house smelling fresh, while absorbing excess humidity that promotes mold growth as well.

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