Who has won the 2017 Swiss Indoors men’s singles tennis tournament?

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    1.A solid understanding and feel for throw effects is important.

    2.Maximum CIT, with no sidespin, occurs with slow speed at about a 1/2ball hit .

    3.Maximum SIT occurs occurs with slow speed and about 50% sidespin .
    4.Maximum throw, under typical conditions, is about 1 inch per foot of CB travel, which is about 5 degrees.

    5.When the CB is fairly close to the OB, SIT can be used for a hold or kill shot to limit cue ball drift.

    6.When balls are frozen, it is very easy to achieve maximum CIT of the 2nd ball .

    7.Gearing outside english can be used to eliminate throw, but this might not be the best approach for all people and situations (see using outside english to prevent throw and cling).

    8.Transferring spin from the CB to the OB is an important effects with some shots .

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