The scientists of which country have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician “SAM”?

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Invention : dishwasher
Year : 1886
Inventor : josephine cochrane
Country : us.      .. More >>

tortilla chip:
1.a small piece of tortilla      .. More >>
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    Choose a Safe Location

    This will minimise the chances of accident or injury. Always fly in large, open areas free from trees and power lines. Many kite lines contain carbon spurs, which are very efficient conductors of electricity, so flying near power lines or radio towers is asking for trouble. To be extra safe, build or purchase kites made from wood, paper, plastic, and natural fabrics. Those made with metallic materials, including aluminium foil and Mylar, increase the chances of electrocution. If you accidentally get any kite caught in power lines, never attempt to dislodge it yourself. For safetys sake, contact the proper authority for assistance.

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