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Which union minister has launched nationwide Free Eye Check-up Campaign?

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Planet : moon
Distance(sun) (mi) : 93,000,000
Diameter (mi) : 2 159
Mythology : luna, goddess of love.
Discovered : prehistoric times
Position : n/a
Number of moons : 0
Surface material : solid
Length of a day, year (earth) : 27.3 hours.      .. More >>

1.the branch of physics concerned with the conversion of different forms of energy      .. More >>

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You choose and vote for the first person on the list

Of course, we know you dont always do this, but people generally favor the first item in a list regardless of whether its a menu or a ballot. In fact, it has been shown that having your name listed in the middle of a ballot decreases your chances of winning by 2.5%

An adjective clause (a group of words with at least one subject and one

verb) is a subordinate or dependent clause that functions as an adjective. This

type of clause answers the question, Which one? Relative pronouns, such as

who, whom, which, and that, begin adjective clauses. At times, words such

as where or when can also begin adjective clauses. If you delete the adjective

clause from a sentence, you will still have a full (though less informative)


In the following sentences, the adjective clause is underlined. Notice the

word that begins the clause.

This extremely intelligent geologist, who is also a talented juggler,

has been asked to visit the State Assembly later this month.

The street that you live on is scheduled to be repaved next month.

The movie director, whom you read about last week, will be

promoting her new film throughout Europe.

There are essentially two types of adjective clauses—restrictive and unrestrictive


➲ A restrictive (or essential) adjective clause offers essential

information that is necessary to complete the sentence’s thought.

An example of this is, ‘‘The trophy that was presented to you is

enormous.’’ Here, the adjective clause that was presented to you restricts

the information to just that trophy.

➲ An unrestrictive (or nonessential) clause simply offers more

information about the noun it describes. In the sentence, ‘‘The trophy,

which was made in Canada, was presented to you,’’ the adjective clause

which was made in Canada is nonessential to the sentence. It just offers

more information about the trophy.

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