Antim Yadav has won bronze at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG). He hails from which Indian state?

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The average adult has about 3,500 square inches of skin. The skin itself has roughly a billion pores or openings.      .. More >>

north korea:
1.a communist country in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula      .. More >>
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    Exit Country Code + 218 + Area Code + The Number

    The Libya country code is 218. The nationality of Libya is Libyans.The capital of Libya is TripoliLargest Cities in Libya by population: Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Bayda, Zawiya, Zliten, Zuwara, Ajdabiya, Khoms, Sabha. Local Telephone Prefix: 0 is the trunk code for Libya

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