Sergio Ramirez has won the 2017 Cervantes Prize. He hails from which country?

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Alloy : german silver
Composition : cu (60%), zn (25%), ni (15%)
Use : for making utencils.      .. More >>

1.situated in a particular spot or position      .. More >>
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    Iron Man Stanes secret plan

    So Obadiah Stane spends years slowly and subtly manoeuvring himself into a position where he can take over Stark Industries. He must have been planning this for decades, first befriending Howard Stark and then mentoring young Tony throughout his life. Guiding him where appropriate but always with a incredibly long view to one day usurping the throne. It s an Iago worthy shadowy plan accelerated only when Stane arranges a hit on Tony as he finally makes his move. But Tony survives, and provides Stane with one more incredible piece of technology. It s then Stane reveals his master plan, one which he finally rid himself of the thorn in his side and control the world s supply of weapons all with no one realising. Yep, he builds a massive metal suit for himself and goes mental with it in downtown Los Angeles.

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