General Knowledge 2017 - 57

How much amount has been allocated for Bharat Net Project to promote digital transactions into rural India?

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Name and Location : ontario, u.s.a.-canada
Area : 19,477.00 sq. km.      .. More >>

1.a kind of pain
2.a mental pain or distress
3.a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin
4.a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property sting v.
1.cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort
2.deliver a sting to
3.saddle with something disagreeable or disadvantageous
4.cause a stinging pain
5.cause an emotional pain, as if by stinging      .. More >>

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Rules to play Bocce Ball

Team captains

1. The team captain participates in the coin toss and assigns players to their position on the court.
2. The team captain may designate a player as an end captain for the end opposite that of the captain.
3.Only the team captain or an end captain may go on the court for measurements. A captain may observe and call for measurements to determine the official score for a frame.
4. A captain may approach on the sideline outside the court and observe the positions of balls in play. A captain after observing the balls, must return behind the pointing foul line and may only use hand signals to instruct partners at opposite end of court.
5. Only the captain or a designated player from each team (a total of two players) shall return balls for the next frame after points have been determined.
6. The team captain is responsible for assuring that the teams points are posted correctly and for reporting final game scores to the record keeper.

Basic English Usage
The possessive case of a noun or pronoun indicates ownership or possession.

Pronouns such as his, her, its, my, mine, your, yours, their, theirs, our, and

ours are all possessive case words.

Here are several rules for the possessive case.

A. Most singular nouns form their possessive by adding an apostrophe

and an s. (the baboon’s food; the girl’s sweater; Marx’s teachings; Burns’s

poetic lines; Dickens’s characters)

B. To form the possessive of a singular noun that ends with an s sound,

take one of two actions.

   1. If a name of two or more syllables ends in an eez sound, the possessive

is formed without an additional s. (Ulysses’ friends; Archimedes’


   2. Add an apostrophe and an s if the word would not be difficult to

pronounce. (dress’s cost; quartz’s essence)

C. Add only an apostrophe to form the possessive of a plural noun that

ends in s. (the boys’ gymnasium; the Murphys’ home)

D. If a plural noun does not end in s, add an apostrophe and an s. (the

men’s department; the mice’s hiding spots)

E. Use the possessive form for only the last name in compound nouns for

organizations, literary titles, businesses, and relatives. If owned separately,

use the possessive for both names.

Tom’s and Pete’s reputations (separate reputations)

Procter and Gamble’s sales (combined ownership)

mother-in-law’s magazines (one woman’s ownership)

mothers-in-law’s magazines (two or more women’s ownership)

F. For acronyms (words formed from the first letters of a series of words),

add an apostrophe and an s.

the NHL’s (National Hockey League’s) members

AARP’s (American Association of Retired People’s) membership

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