The Vansda National Park (VNP) is located in which state?

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1.seemingly uninterrupted
2.everlastingly      .. More >>
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    Scorpio Inner Self

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 ) Inner Self :

    You have great strength, determination, and willpower. But no matter how calm and cool you appear on the outside, you've got a well of seething emotions underneath. For the most part, though, you keep your intensity under control by channeling it into useful activities. You're a high achiever, and you seem to “get” things in a flash with powerful psychic feelings you've learned to trust. Your instincts tell you that you're destined to do something important and you're not going to let yourself fail along the way. When you latch on to a new opportunity, you explore it in great depth before going ahead. Deep inside you is a gladiator spirit, and if you channel this fighting energy into positive goals (your continuing lesson), you will always be one of life's great winners. At times, however, you feel you are a lone warrior in a harsh world. You're a complex person who can't always express how you feel, but one thing is certain: The things you want, you want badly.

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