General Knowledge Questions Answers

3921 . The term 'Butterfly Stroke' is associated with which game?

3922 . Which vitamin is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage?
Vitamin C

3923 . Who acts as the Chancellor of State Universities ?

3924 . Which current is produced by upwelling of cold water off the coast of Chile and Peru?
Humboldt current

3925 . By whom was the structure of Qutab Minar was completed?

3926 . In which process, a nucleus spontaneously breaks down by emitting radiation?
Radioactive decay

3927 . 'Alice in Wonderland' the famous TV Serial, is based on a book written by which author?
Lewis Caroll

3928 . Who was the chairman of National Income Committee?
P. C. Mahalanobis

3929 . In which country are the broken hill famous for zinc and lead?

3930 . When Akbar was young, Who was his guardian?
Bairam Khan
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3931 . Which organ destroys worn out RBCs in the body of a vertebrate?

3932 . Which State has no Panchayati Raj Institution at all?

3933 . Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a choke. What does the choke coil?
Reduces current in the circuit

3934 . The Vindhyas belong to which class of mountains?
Block mountains

3935 . In which year Akbar assumed actual control over the administration of his empire?

3936 . Who wrote the book 'A Passage to India'–
E. M. Foster

3937 . Barack Obama, the President of America, comes from which American States?

3938 . What is the normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale?

3939 . Maharashtrian Plateau is made up of which?

3940 . By whom was Nishat Garden built?
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3941 . Which is the oldest Development Financial Institution of India?

3942 . What is a powerful eye irritant present in smog?
Sulphur dioxide

3943 . Where is respiratory centre situated?
Medulla oblongata

3944 . Which part of the Earth's surface receives the highest amount of insolation?
Tropical deserts

3945 . Which are manuals of instruction in the form of brief rules?

3946 . Who is the head of the National Defence Committee?
Home Minister

3947 . Who was the first Indian to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of London?
Srinivas Ramanujan

3948 . Prof. Amartya Sen has earned worldwide distinction in which field /area?

3949 . Mist is a result of which thing?

3950 . At where an example of Chola architecture can be seen?
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3951 . How is the relative permeability of a diamagnetic material?
Less than unity

3952 . Which gland in human body is popularly called 'Adam's apple'?

3953 . Which was the first woman Governor of a State in free India?
Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

3954 . The intensity of insolation depends on which line?

3955 . Between which the famous Battle of Takkolam in South India was fought?
Cholas and Rashtrakutas

3956 . In India, the bank NABARD does not provide refinance to which bank?
Export-Import Banks

3957 . Crusade for human rights is associated with which name?
Jimmy Carter

3958 . Which nontoxic gas helps in formation of enzymes which ripen fruit?

3959 . Which desert is famous for its deposits of nitrates?

3960 . Which queen enjoyed political power along 'with her husband?
Nur Jahan
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