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3161 . BMD testing is done to diagnose which disease?

3162 . Which are the regions with the highest and lowest densities respectively?
Europe and Oceania

3163 . With whose reign is the Gandhara school of art associated?

3164 . Which Directive Principle of State Policy has NOT been implemented so far?
Uniform civil code for the citizens

3165 . If you swim one km, how many miles do you swim?

3166 . Which tax is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the States?
Stamp Duties

3167 . Which is the juction point of the Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats of India ?
Nilgiri Hills

3168 . Revenue system during Akbar's reign was in the hands of which person?

3169 . Who is the President of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research ?
Prime Minister of India

3170 . Golden rice has the highest quantity of which vitamin?
Vitamin A
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3171 . When did the first linguistic State of Andhra come into existence?

3172 . The highest peak of the Himalayas in India is in which state?

3173 . Which Upanishads were translated into Persian by Dara Shikh?

3174 . Which is called philosopher's wool?
Zinc oxide

3175 . Which is the highest mountain peak in India?

3176 . Which is not a direct tax?
Tax on entertainment

3177 . Ankaleshwar in India is known for the production of which state?

3178 . In which culture is the earliest evidence of silver in India found?
Harappan Culture

3179 . Which test helps in diagnosis of cancer ?
Biopsy test

3180 . From which fund are the salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court drawn?
Consolidated Fund
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3181 . For howmany years is rolling plan?
One year

3182 . Who created the unforgettable literary character 'Swami' ?
R. K. Narayan

3183 . Which remains constant while throwing a ball upward?

3184 . Which soil is very hard to cultivate?
Which soil is very hard to cultivate? – Sandy

3185 . Which is the God who is the most prominent in 'Rigaveda'?

3186 . Which is considered as a cell withing a cell?
Golgi appartus

3187 . In which year was the Constituent Assembly which framed the Constitution for Independent India set up?

3188 . When was West African Monetary and Economic Union found?

3189 . What is the name of scale meant for recording weather condition?

3190 . To whom is the introduction of Buddhism into China traditionally attributed?
Kashyapa Matanga
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3191 . In which year were Private Sector Mutual Funds in India permitted?

3192 . Ethylene reacts with sulphur monochloride to form which gas?
Mustard gas

3193 . Ultrafiltering unit of kidney is known by which name?

3194 . Which is a significant contributor to increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide?

3195 . Who, according to Jains, was the founder of Jainism ?

3196 . How did Constituent Assembly arrived at decisions on the various provisions of the Constitution?
By consensus

3197 . How many members of African Development Bank are there?

3198 . Sushil Kumar is associated with which Game?

3199 . On the 21st June, the day light is seen at the North Pole for howmany hours?
24 hrs.

3200 . Who called himself as the 'Second Alexander'?
Alauddin Khalji
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In general, we use northern, southern, eastern, and western to talk about more general, indefinite areas - and north, south, east, and west in official names of places:
  • fficial names of places:
  • North America
  • South Africa
  • East Timor
  • West Virginia

    General areas:
  • northern England
  • southern India
  • eastern Australia
  • western Europe
  • the northern border of the country
  • the southern side of the house
  • the eastern coastline

    (although in the U.S. we say "east coast" and "west coast")
  • the western part of the state
  • ne exception - an example of an "official name" that uses northern and southern -is saying the Northern/Southern Hemisphere to refer to the two halves of the earth divided by the equator.

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