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3041 . In which of the Five Year Plans, preference was given to the weaker sections of the society?

3042 . Which local wind is not characteristically hot and dry?

3043 . What was Tipu Sultan's major interest in building ships?
To promote trade and commerce

3044 . When is World Blind Day/World Sight Day observed?

3045 . Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which organ?

3046 . In which year did the Congress loose its monopoly of power in the States for the first time after the elections?

3047 . Which predominantly acts as the agent of chemical erosion of soil?
Underground water

3048 . In which movements Bande Mataram was adopted as a slogan for agitation?
Partition of Bengal in 1905

3049 . What is the number of basic units in the International System of Units?

3050 . How many gold medals did P.T. Usha win in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games?
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3051 . Upon which development the Second Five Year Plan laid mote stress?

3052 . Formation of pot holes in river beds is an example of thing?

3053 . Who was founder of All India Harijan Sangha in 1932 ?
M. K. Gandhi

3054 . Milk, cheese and eggs are the source of vitamins which vitamins?
A and D

3055 . Which Directive Principle is based on Gandhian ideology?
Promotion of cottage industries

3056 . Which type of glass can cut off ultraviolet rays?
Crookes glass

3057 . Asia accounts for nearly howmany percent of world population?

3058 . Who deciphered the Brahmi inscription of Ashoka first time?
James Princep

3059 . India reached the final of the Davis Cup for the first time in which year?

3060 . In which state is the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development located?
Tamil Nadu
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3061 . According to which article untouchability is abolished and its practice is punishable?
Article 17

3062 . The author of the controversial book 'Lajja' is a citizen of which country?

3063 . Which game is not included in the Olympic Games?

3064 . In which direction of flow of stream is controlled by rock structure?

3065 . Who was the leader of the Indian revolutionary activities in America?
Lala Hardayal

3066 . Sodium metal is kept under which liquid?

3067 . Which naturally occurring element in the rice husk makes it termite resistant?

3068 . Who administers oath of office to the President?
Chief Justice of India

3069 . In which island of India is an active volcano found ?
Barren Island

3070 . Which Sultan founded a town where now stands Agra?
Sikandar Lodi
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3071 . Which first Bank was established in India?
Bank of Hindustan

3072 . If you scored cannon, which game would you be playing?

3073 . How is image formed on the retina of a human eye?
Real and inverted

3074 . The annual variability of rainfall is over 50 percent in which state?
Western Rajasthan

3075 . Amir Khusarau, the 'Parrot of India', was born at which place?

3076 . Which year has been named International year of Biodiversity by the United Nations?

3077 . Department of Border Management is a Department of which Union Ministry?
Ministry of Home Affairs

3078 . Which music composers was deaf?
Beethovan L.V.

3079 . On which date the earth is at the least distance from the sun (Perihelion)?
January 3rd

3080 . When did the battle which is the story of Mahabharata most probably take place ?
Around 1000 B. C
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English Phrases
The plural ending -(e)s has three different pronunciations.
  • After one of the 'sibilant' sounds /s/, Izl, ll, /3A /tj/ and /d3A -es is pronounced hzl.
    buses/'bASiz/ crashes /'kraefiz/ watches/'wotjiz/
    quizzes/' kwiziz/ garages/'gaera:3iz/ br/dges/'brid3iz/
  • After any other 'unvoiced' sound (/pA /f/, /0/, /t/ or /k/), -(ejs is pronounced /s/.
    cups /kAps/ bafbs /ba:0s/ boo/cs/buks/
    coughs /kofs/ plates /pleits/
  • After all other sounds (vowels and voiced consonants except Izl, l$l and /d3/), -(e)s is pronounced Izl.
    daysldeizl knives /naivz/ hills /hilz/ dreams /dri:mz/
    boys/boiz/ clothes /klaudz/ /egs/legz/ songs/str]z/
    frees /tri:z/ ends/endz/
  • Exceptions:
    house/haus/ houses /hauziz/ mouth /mau8/ mouths /maudz/ Third-person singular verbs (for example watches, wants, runs) and possessives (for example George's, Mark's, Joe's) follow the same pronunciation rules.
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