General Knowledge Questions Answers

2801 . Who among the following was an eminent Painter?
Sarada Ukil

2802 . Which colloidal solution is commonly used as germ killer?
Colloidal sulphur

2803 . Which is an insectivorous plant?
Pitcher plant

2804 . Which is a north flowing river?

2805 . Who followed the policy of 'masterly inactivity' towards Afghanistan?
Sir John Lawrence

2806 . Who was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?
Dr. B. N. Rao

2807 . Which Public Sector bank' emblem figures a dog and the words 'faithful, friendly' in it?
Syndicate Bank

2808 . Yamini Krishnamurti is an accomplished exponent of which dance?

2809 . The river Cauvery flows from which state?
Karnataka to Tamil Nadu

2810 . The first census was conducted in India at the time of which governor general?
Lord Mayo
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2811 . Which is the unit of activity of a radioactive source?

2812 . Between which set of blood groups, is the blood transfusion possible?
A and AB (A donor)

2813 . Which is the only Union Territory that has a High Court of its own?

2814 . Which region has Mediterranean type of climate?
Cape Town region of South Africa

2815 . Under whose guidance was the Congress policy of pray and petition ultimately come to an end?
Lala Lajpat Rai

2816 . When is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recognized by the UN observed?

2817 . Which bank gives long term loan to farmers?
Land Development Bank

2818 . Medicines are more effective, if they are used in which state?
Colloidal state

2819 . Where is the expression of earliest volcanic activity in India found?
Dalmia hill

2820 . Where did the Indian National Army (I.N.A.) come into existence?
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2821 . A hollow sphere of copper is positively charged, Then what will the electric field be inside the sphere?

2822 . How many States of the U.S.A. are not attached to its mainland?

2823 . What was the decentralisation system recommended?
Balwant Rai Mehta

2824 . Which are the oldest mountains in India according to geographical history?

2825 . Who was last Mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?
Muhammad Shah

2826 . Which Bacteria is found in the intestine of human?
Escherichia coli

2827 . Which language is not recognised in the 8th Schedule though it is an official language of a State?

2828 . What is the mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen called?
Producer gas

2829 . Which is the river with highest tidal bore in India?

2830 . From which ruler did Albuquerque capture Goa?
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2831 . Which train/railway passes through Germany, France, Austria, Hungary and Romania?
Orient Express

2832 . Which biologist, proposed that life is originated in water,?

2833 . When chlorophyll absorbs light, what does it gets excited and emits?

2834 . Which is a land-locked sea?
Aral Sea

2835 . Which European were the last to come- to pre-independence India as traders?

2836 . Who has the final power to maintain order within the House of People ?

2837 . In our houses we get 220 V A. C What does the value 220 represent?
Effective voltage

2838 . Bouncing of cheques has become an offence. What is the punishment for the same?
6 months imprisonment

2839 . Which would be most suited for an area which has only two months of scanty rainfall in a year?

2840 . Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?
Badruddin Tyyabji
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