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General Knowledge Questions Answers

2641 . What is the study of principles and procedures of classification?

2642 . Who appoints the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?

2643 . Which substance is used to retard the setting action of cement?

2644 . Shyok is a tributary of which river?

2645 . Who is well known for his contribution in the field of Algebra?

2646 . What is the investment in public works?
Capital expenditure

2647 . EI Nino current appears along the coast of which country?

2648 . Which scientist studied about wheat rust problem?
K. C. Mehta

2649 . Teesta forms a part of which major river system ?

2650 . Which ruler of Vijayanagar had sent his embassy to the emperor of China?
Bukka I
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2651 . To whom is a minister in a State individually responsible?

2652 . By which force can fat be separated from milk in a cream separator?
Centrifugal force

2653 . The island of Honshu is located in which country?

2654 . What is the name of very violent and serious types of winds which bring lot of disaster?

2655 . By whom was the Bahmani Kingdom founded?

2656 . Which body finalises the Five Year Plan proposals?
National Development Council

2657 . How many number of chamber are found in the heart of Mammal?

2658 . What is the minimum age for being the member of the Parliament?
25 years

2659 . What is the minimum forest cover to maintain ecological balance?

2660 . Which saint wrote 'Bijak' ?
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2661 . Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?
Vitamin K

2662 . Which can be abolished but not dissolved?
State Legislative Council

2663 . What does Talc contains?
Magnesium, silicon and oxygen

2664 . What is the percentage of radiant energy reflected back by surface called?

2665 . Which place was famous as a seat of Mahayana learning?

2666 . Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission?
Vijay Kelkar

2667 . In a food chain, howmuch solar energy utilized by plants?
1 percent

2668 . Which group of animals is primates?

2669 . With whom do the temperate cyclones bring?
Mild rainfall

2670 . In which seet did Gandhara school of art came into existence?
Mahayana sect
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2671 . From where can a Member of Parliament claim immunity?
From civil cases only

2672 . Which types of waves are produced in a sonometer wire?
Transverse stationary

2673 . Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of which layer?
O3 layer

2674 . When do the Sea breeze blow?
Day from sea to land

2675 . Why did Mahmud of Ghazni attack India?
To establish his empire in India

2676 . In which terms is the Rate of growth of an economy measured?
National income

2677 . Which organ have the capacity of regeneration?

2678 . The Union Territories get representation in which house?
Both Houses of Parliament

2679 . Strait of Malacca separates which countries?
Sumatra and Malaysia

2680 . The extent of the Delhi Sultanate empire was the greatest during which reign?
Alauddin Khilji
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Basic English Usage
The hardest part is memorizing all those new words!

It has to be done though. You cannot hope to master the language successfully without learning the words and phrases that make it up.

The best way to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of idioms is through reading.Hence, making that list of new words is important! However, watching English movies will give you a bigger knowledge of idioms and phrases.

Now, when you build your English vocabulary as well as stock of phrases and idioms,you can disintegrate your learning into two levels:

Fundamental level: There are 2000 to 2500 words which are called the foundation blocks of English language. These words are not particularly listed but comprise of each first word for every meaning that you learn to the count. These include certain words like how, why, where which are not replaceable by another word. For phrases and idioms, the cardinal ones will fall in the fundamental category.

Extensive level: Every word, phrase or idiom with similar or opposite meaning and intent as of the fundamental ones will form the extensive list for a more in-depth learning.

Tips for expanding vocabulary:

? One word at a time
Do not try to learn the entire dictionary in a weekend. That will not do you any good! Start small. Once you find a new word, incorporate it in your daily use.

? Spend every spare minute reading
Read, read, and read! Books will expand your vocabulary to a large extent.Pay close attention to what you are reading. If you do not understand a word, use a dictionary to find its meaning.

? Context skills

Usually, while reading it is easy to decipher the meaning of a word from the sentence it is used in i.e. the context. In this sentence, you can figure out that the word ‘decipher’ means to understand or convert into normal language. If you come across a word that you cannot completely understand, before turning to the dictionary, trying figuring out what the word could mean. Then, you can cross check with the dictionary to see if you were right. This will build your context skills and it is important in English because a lot of words are similar and pronounced in the same way. Some words even have the same spelling but mean something completely different.

? Practice

Of course, practice makes perfect. Use the new vocabulary you have, or you
might forget it before you even get a chance to use it. After learning a word
and understanding the context it is used in, make it a point to put that word in
your sentences.

? Use the dictionary

I know I said do not learn the dictionary in a day, but skimming through it and picking out words that fascinate you is a good exercise. Learn these words and use them so you get used to the context they are used in.

? Play with words

Play games like scrabble or words with friends or ruzzle. These games can increase your vocabulary in a fun way. Ask friends to help you along the way.Since these games have a competitive twist, you intend to learn new words
faster. Even Pictionary is a good game to learn new words. Since you are drawing the words out, the meaning of the word stays with you.

? Crosswords

Make it a point to do the crossword every day. They can be a little overwhelming but with a little help, one can usually manage to complete the whole thing. They not only give you new words as you go through the thesaurus, but you general knowledge also expands. I think this is a brilliant exercise for learning a language.

? Write a journal

Start a written journal where you pen down your thoughts in English. This way you can practice writing as well. Remember to use the words you learned that day.

? Listen

When others speak, listen! Observe how native English speaker use their words. Do not hesitate in asking what they mean if you don’t understand something. When you learn listen, you will also learn the usage of idioms,
phrases, slang and colloquialisms. This will make you more fluent as well as understandable.

? Associations

When you learn a new word, associate it with something so that you have an easier time recalling it later. It could be a colour, a feeling, another word, or anything else. For example, ‘quintessential’ – one of my favorite words –
means ‘the perfect example of something’. You can associate it with your favorite dish, your favorite actress or actor, your parents. Use these associations to remember the word.

? Make a list of words

In a diary you keep with you, make a list of all the words you come across in a day. When you get home or in your free time, open a dictionary and find the meanings of each word you collected.

? Learn the roots

Make it a point to learn the roots of the words. This is an interesting way to remember the words. Mostly every word in English has roots in either Latin or Greek. It is fun to learn how the word came about. Languages keep
evolving, so a word that meant something in the 17th century would not mean the same today.

? Use the word

Again, this point is so important that I am repeating is over and over again. If you do not use the words you learn, you will forget them. Learn to use the words. Make is a habit.

? Prefixes and suffixes

English has a lot of words that use prefixes and suffixes. A prefix is a word that is added before another word. A suffix on the other hand is a morpheme that is added to the end of a word.

“Do It Right Now”: Steps to Start Improving instantly

Step 1: Pick a subject or a noun
Step 2: Look for words and descriptive phrases in the dictionary which can describe or narrate about the subject
Step 3: Note down the relevant words with it’s meaning/s, synonyms and antonyms
Step 4: Now, using those words, construct descriptive sentences about the subject and place phrases in the right sequence.
Step 5: Repeat the process with other topics, objects and nouns.
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