General Knowledge Questions Answers

2401 . Which disease is caused by bacteria and spread though faecal matter by houseflies?

2402 . Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

2403 . Which colloids are solvent loving colloids?

2404 . Among the Union Territories of India, which one has the largest size?

2405 . During which reign was the Purana Qila constructed?
Sher Shah

2406 . Which Australian player was known as 'Fruitfly' amongst the rest of the team?
Merv Hughes

2407 . Which type of unemployment mostly found in India?

2408 . What is a glass sided tank, bowl in which aquatic animals live?

2409 . Where are Shevaroy Hills located?
Tamil Nadu

2410 . By whom was the Sikh Khalsa founded?
Guru Gobind Singh
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2411 . Under which act was the Supreme Court set up?
Regulating Act

2412 . The resistance of material increases with temperature. What is this?

2413 . Pravin Arnre and Vinod Kambli played for which province in South Africa?

2414 . Kodaikanal, the famous hill-station of South India, is situated on which hills?
Palni hills

2415 . On 13th April of which year Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa?

2416 . The Olympic Museum was opened at which place?

2417 . The word “biodiversity” is a combination of which two words?
Biology and diversity

2418 . Which Judge of the Supreme Court was unsuccessfully sought to be impeached?
Justice Ramaswami

2419 . Which relates to the formation of the Himalayas?
Folding of the geosyncline

2420 . The Maratha power reached its zenith during which Peshwaship?
Balaji II
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2421 . In which antibody formation takes place?
Blood Plasma

2422 . A Municipal Corporation is set up in a city with howmuch population of not less than?
10 lakh

2423 . Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with which metal?

2424 . Where are tropical deciduous or monsoonal forests occur?
Burma, India, Thailand, Brazil

2425 . Which was the great Hindu king who combined in himself the qualities of Samudragupta and Ashoka?

2426 . Who used the phrase 'Un-British' to criticize the English colonial control of India?
Dadabhai Naoroji

2427 . The writer of Mahabhasya 'Patanjali' was a contemporary of which ruler?
Pushyamitra Sunga

2428 . What is good source of protein ?

2429 . In which region are the -most ideal conditions for the chemical weathering are found in?
Hot and humid regions

2430 . Who laid the foundation of the first independent Turkish kingdom in India?
Qutubuddin Aibak
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2431 . Which is a source of income of the Gram Panchayats?
Levy Duties

2432 . If temperature rises, what will be the coefficient of viscosity of liquid?

2433 . According to the law of demand, what happens when price increases?
Demand decreases

2434 . Which represents a process of chemical weathering?
Hydration and Hydrolysis

2435 . Who first divided his empire into Iqtas during the process of civil administration?

2436 . Which river demarcate the partial boundary between South Africa and Botswana?

2437 . Who is known as father of taxonomy?

2438 . By which act was the office of Governor General of India created?
Government of India Act, 1858

2439 . Which current is produced by upwelling of water off the coast of Chile and Peru?
Humboldt Current

2440 . Who said, “Ram and Rahim are the two different name of the same God” ?
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