General Knowledge Questions Answers

2041 . Who is the author of the book 'Glimpses of World History' ?
Jawaharlal Nehru

2042 . Which are the glands of the body which pour their seretions directly into the blood stream?
Endocrine glands

2043 . The Fundamental Right to Property has been deleted by the which Amendment Act?

2044 . Which state is with the largest area under waste land?
Jammu and Kashmir

2045 . On which basis Montague-Chelmsford Report formed?
The Government of India Act, 1919

2046 . Which is the second most abundant metal in the earth's crust?

2047 . The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is situated at which place?

2048 . Taxation and the government's expenditure policy are dealt under under which policy?
Fiscal policy

2049 . Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Saddle Peak

2050 . Who attended the Second Round Table Conference as the representative of the Congress?
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2051 . A typical human ribcage consists of how many ribs?

2052 . To whom the Vice-President's letter of resignation is to be addressed?

2053 . 'mho' is the unit of which unit?

2054 . Which reservoir is constructed on Chambal?
Gandhi Sagar

2055 . Which were the patrons of Sangam, an assembly of Tamil poets?

2056 . Geeta Chandran is well known by which name?
Bharatnatyam dancer

2057 . Which plant is preferred for mixed cropping in order to enhance the bioavailability of nitrogen?

2058 . Which cell organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?

2059 . Which state was in the development of hydroelectricity the pioneering state?

2060 . Which dynasty did rule over Magadha after Nanda dynasty?
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2061 . What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj System called?
Panchayat Samiti

2062 . What is Green Gold?

2063 . What was the mascot for the 2012 Olympic Games held in London?

2064 . The hill station of Coonoor is located in which state?

2065 . Who were the first to start a joint stock company trade with India?

2066 . Stainless steel is an alloy of which metals?
Iron, chromium and nickel

2067 . Which gland in human body enlarged due to goiter?

2068 . Where was the first Municipal Corporation in India set up ?

2069 . 28.38 N and 77.12 E are the respective latitude and longitude of which places?

2070 . Who established the earliest Surat factories?
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2071 . Who is the first person to conduct heart transplantation in India?
Dr. Venugopal

2072 . Which day is celebrated as 'National Consumer Right Day?
24th December

2073 . To which processe is the term CMYK related ?
Offset printing

2074 . Which has the maximum number of National Parks?
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

2075 . On which date the Indians celebrated the independence Day for the first time?

2076 . What is involved in controlling blood sugar level?
Islets of langerhans

2077 . Who decides the number of Judges in a High Court?

2078 . Who was the first Field Marshal of India?
S. H. F. J. Manekshaw

2079 . Which is the major item of export from Paradeep Port ?
Iron Ore

2080 . Where did Moplah rebellion of 1921 take place?
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