General Knowledge Questions Answers

2001 . A deuterium nucleus consists of which particles?
One proton and one neutron

2002 . With which field is Begum Akhtar associated?
Vocal Music

2003 . In which year, some more commercial banks in addition to the first lot of 141 were nationalised in India?

2004 . Penganga, Wardha and Wainganga are the tributaries of which river?

2005 . What was the first discourse of Buddha at Deer Park in Sarnath called?

2006 . A person feel fatigued due to depositon of which acid in their muscles?
Latic Acid

2007 . In which country does State funding of elections take place?
Germany and Austria

2008 . What is the quantity that remains unchanged in a transformer?

2009 . Which planet take maximum time for one revolution around the Sun?

2010 . Which inscription describes the achievements of Kharavela, king of Kalinga ?
Hathigunipha inscription
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2011 . Who has been designated as the chairman by the IBA?
K. R. Kamath

2012 . 'Asian Drama', by Gunnar Karl Myrdal, is a book on which subjects?

2013 . In the retina of eye cells what is present for colour differentiation?

2014 . When will the Smith-tuttle comet crash with Earth?
In 2116 AD

2015 . St. Thomas came to India in 1st century A. D. to propogate christianity. During which reign did he come?

2016 . The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country?
British Monarch

2017 . How many moles are there is 140 g of Si (atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

2018 . In which plan was the objective of self-reliance and zero net foreign aid declared?
Fourth 5-Yr Plan

2019 . What is the approximate circumference of the Earth?
30,000 km

2020 . Which Sultan of Delhi had accepted the Suzerainty of the Timurid ruler Mirza Shah Rukh ?
Khizr Khan Sayyid
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2021 . Which allotrope of the carbon is used in cutting and drilling?

2022 . Which treated as artificial currency?

2023 . Which place is known as the 'Mecca of Indian Football'?

2024 . What is the slow wobbling of Earth as it spins on its axis called?

2025 . Which god was not worshipped during the time of Rigvedic Aryans?

2026 . Which element is essentials for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre?

2027 . What is the maximum permissible period between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly?
Six months

2028 . If the mass of the pendulum is doubled, what will its the time period?
Remains same

2029 . Wireless communication is reflected back to the earth's surface by the which zone?

2030 . Which was the chief feature of Rig Vedic religion?
Performance of sacrifices
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2031 . Who won the Man Booker Award in 2012?
Hilary Martel

2032 . Terms of economics, which recession occurring two times with a small gap in between?
Deep Recession

2033 . In certain amino acids, which elements is found in addition to carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen?

2034 . Which is east of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

2035 . Who was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha?
Vardhamana Mahavira

2036 . Under which ministry is the National River Conservation Directorate?
Ministry of Environment and Forests

2037 . Dialysis is used for people with defective kidneys. What does It involves?
The process of osmosis

2038 . Who' has been awarded the Sydney peace Prize 2012?
Sakai Holland

2039 . What is the difference between IST and GMT?
5 hours 30 minutes

2040 . Who was the first monarch of Magadh kingdom In the sixth century B.C.?
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