General Knowledge Questions Answers

1721 . Which alloy is used for making magnets for hearing aids?

1722 . Which year is celebrated as International Year of Biodiversity?

1723 . The United Nations declared 2011 as which International Year?

1724 . Which pair of metals- are supposed to constitute the internal core of the earth?
Nickel and Iron

1725 . Which was the Mughal emperor, who died to a' sudden fall from the staircase,?

1726 . Which tissue in man where no cell division, occurs after birth?

1727 . What does the power of judicial review ensure?
The constitutionality of laws

1728 . Which physical quantities do not have same dimensions?
Force and Pressure

1729 . Which is a high cloud?

1730 . Where is the mausoleum of Sher Shah?
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1731 . How is the contribution of agriculture to India's economy?

1732 . The first railway line was laid in which state?
North-East England

1733 . Which is the branch of agriculture concerned with the production of crops?

1734 . Which is the smallest country in South America?

1735 . Who annulled the Partition of Bengal?
Lord Hardinge

1736 . Chief Ministers of all the States are ex-officio members of which council?
National Development Council

1737 . What does Nail polish remover contain?

1738 . Which is the largest man-made canal in the world?
Suez Canal

1739 . Which is 'the largest island?

1740 . With which did the Civil Disobedience Movement in India commence?
The Dandi March
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1741 . How many wickets Kapil Dev had taken in Test matches when he retired?

1742 . The human body is immune to which disease?
Small pox

1743 . Why was the design of the National Flag was adopted by the Constitutent Assembly of India?
July, 1947

1744 . Where is the thermal equator found?
North of geographical equator

1745 . Which was the capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

1746 . Which pair does not contain a coinage metal?
Zinc and Gold

1747 . Who is the recipient of the 20th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?
D.R. Mehta

1748 . Where is the The headquarter of World Trade Organisation?

1749 . Tsunami is a large sea wave caused by an earthquake experienced along the coasts of which country?

1750 . Who was the first woman' President of the Indian National Congress?
Annie Besant
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1751 . Phycology is the branch of botany, what do we study about in this branch?

1752 . On which date India became a Sovereign, democratic republic?

1753 . Why is a water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from top?
Due to Refraction

1754 . On which scale the intensity of earthquakes is measured?
Richter scale

1755 . Who was the founder of the Muslim League in India?
Nawab Salimulla

1756 . Who is the first Indian woman to receive in Borlaug award and in which year?
Dr. Amita Patel, 1992

1757 . The National Institute of Communicable Diseases is located at which place?

1758 . Palaeobotany is the branch of botany, what do we study about in this branch?
Plant fossils

1759 . Which is the largest fish exporting region in the world?
The North-West Pacific Region

1760 . By the time of which ruler was Gautama Buddha elevated to the position of God?
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