General Knowledge Questions Answers

1641 . Who was the first General-Secretary of the Indian National Congress?
Dadabhai Naoroji

1642 . Which first Bank was established in India?
Bank of Hindustan

1643 . Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity directed from which direction?
South to north

1644 . How much distance does the earth's annual circuit round the sun cover?
966 million kms

1645 . Which animal had the Stone Age people first?

1646 . Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in which gas?

1647 . From which constitution did the Amendment procedure lay down in Indian Constitution?
Constitution of Canada

1648 . What is the name the President of India who was elected unopposed?
Dr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

1649 . Where are the hot desert of the world generally found?
The horse latitude

1650 . Who were the first to attribute coins to the kings?
Indo Greeks
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1651 . The United Nations declared 2004 as which International Year?
International Year of Rice

1652 . Which compound can not be used as nitrogenous fertilizer?

1653 . What is pH of human blood?
From 7.5 to 8

1654 . Which environment support the growth of Mangrove Swamp?
Tidal flat

1655 . Which script of ancient India was written from right to left?

1656 . By which amendment has the National Capital Territory of Delhi been constituted?
69th Amendment

1657 . What is the task of the Planning Commission?
Preparation of the plan

1658 . When is International Talk like a Pirate Day is observed?

1659 . Which is the largest river in the world?

1660 . Who was known as 'Andhra Bhoja'?
Krishnadeva Raya
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1661 . By which algae is Nitrogen fixation done?
Blue-green algae

1662 . Which post does the Constitution of India not mention?
The Deputy Prime Minister

1663 . When do all the magnetic materials lose their magnetic properties?
Strongly heated

1664 . Why are the Canals in Western Europeare mainly used?
For inland navigation

1665 . By whom was the 'Tahglq-i-Hind', a famous literary work, written?

1666 . Which day is observed as the World Environment Day?
5th June

1667 . In which Indian state is the game of Polo said to have originated?

1668 . Which organs are morphologically different but perform the same function?
Analogous organs

1669 . Which is not a landform which results due to rejuvenation of a river?
Oxbow lake

1670 . Which Bhakti saint wrote the commentary on Vedanta sutras in Sanskrit?
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1671 . How can a major portion of the Constitution be amended?
By two-thirds majority

1672 . In which type of coal percentage of carbon is the highest?

1673 . By whom was the first attempt to initiate economic planning in India made?
By M. Visvesvaraya

1674 . In which ocean is Diamantina Trench situated?
Indian Ocean

1675 . Form where did Babar come to India originally?

1676 . Which beach is visited by Olive Ridley turtles annually for mass nesting?

1677 . Why is the water of Holy Ganges river is pure?
Due to presence of Bacteriophages

1678 . How the Constitution describes India?
As a Union of States

1679 . The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which mountains?
Fold mountains

1680 . During the reign of emperor was the artillery most perfect and numerous?
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