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1281 . Bharat natyam originated in?

1282 . Late Mahadevi Verma received the Jnanpith Award for her book?

1283 . The recipient of the Dada Saheb phalke Award for 1997 was?
Shivaji Ganesan

1284 . The first novel written by R.K.Narayan was?
Swami & his friends

1285 . The lady who is Story writer,film actress,film Producer,singer,film director and music Director and who hails from Andhra Pradesh is?

1286 . Father and son who won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award was?
Prithvi Raj Kapoor & Raj Kapoor

1287 . `Life of Mahatma Gandhi' was written by?
Louis Fisher

1288 . The instrument used by Amir Khusro was?

1289 . The real name of the famous writer Mark Twain is?
Samuel Clemens

1290 . Harsha Charita was written by?
Bana Bhatta
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1291 . The full name of R.K.Narayan was?
Rasipuram Krishna Swamy Ayyar Narayan

1292 . Asia's largest slum is located at?

1293 . The Department of Environment was set up in?
1980 AD

1294 . Data is fed into the computer by first converting it into?
Binary codes

1295 . The number of bones in the giraffe's neck is?

1296 . A fox's tail is called a?

1297 . A female Ass is called as?

1298 . The young once of a tiger are called?

1299 . A squirrel's home is called a?

1300 . A group of snakes are called a?
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1301 . A group of foxes are called a?

1302 . The word hamster means?

1303 . A group of cats are called a?

1304 . The word langur means?
Long tailed

1305 . The Science of fossils is called?

1306 . A young kangaroo is called a?

1307 . A young pigeon is called a?

1308 . The word reptile means?
To creep

1309 . Which is the longest strait in the world?
Tartar Straits

1310 . In which part of the world is the river Snake?
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1311 . Which is the tallest race in the world?
The Tutsi,they live in Central Africa and have an average height of 185 cms. or 6 ft. 1 inch.

1312 . Name the International Line forming the border between India and China on the eastern side.?
The Mc Mohan Line

1313 . Which is the largest port in the world?
New York Har

1314 . Which is the longest river in Asia?
The river Ob(5538 kms) in the U.S.S.R.

1315 . Of which crop is Bangladesh the greatest producer in the world?

1316 . What is the science of coins & medals called?

1317 . What is amnesia?
Loss or impairment of memory

1318 . What is a young cow called?

1319 . Which language is known as Cape Dutch?

1320 . Which batsman scored a century in a First Class Match without a single boundary?
Bill Woodfull of Australia; 118 runs
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Basic English Usage
  • At is used to talk about position at a point.
      It's very hot at the centre of the earth.
      Turn right at the next traffic-lights.
    Sometimes we use at with a larger place, if we just think of it as a point: a point on a journey, a meeting place, or the place where something happens.
      You have to change trains at Didcot.
      The plane stops for an hour at Frankfurt.
      Let's meet at the station.
      There's a good film at the cinema in Market Street.
  • On is used to talk about position on a line. ON
      His house is on the way from Aberdeen to Dundee.
      Stratford is on the River Avon.
    On is also used for position on a surface.
      Come on supper's on the table!
      Id prefer that picture on the other wall.
      There's a big spider on the ceiling.
  • In is used for position in a three-dimensional space (when something is surrounded on all sides).
      I don't think he's in his office.
      Let's go for a walk in the woods.
      I last saw her in the car park.
  • We say on (and off) for buses, planes and trains.
      He's arriving on the 3.15 train.
      There's no room on the bus; let's get off again.
  • In addresses, we use at if we give the house number.
      She lives at 73 Albert Street.
    We use in if we just give the name of the street.
      She lives in Albert Street.
    We use on for the number of the floor.
      She lives in a flat on the third floor.
  • Learn these expressions:
      in a picture in the sky on a page
      in bed/hospital/prison/church
      at home/school/work/university/college.
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