General Knowledge Questions Answers

1241 . VDIS was launched on?
July 1, 1997

1242 . Which is the National Sport of Japan?

1243 . Who won the first Himalayan Car Rally?
Shekhar Mehta of Kenya

1244 . Which is the biggest Stadium in the World?
Strahow Stadium at prague

1245 . Which is the oldest game in the world?

1246 . Which is the country that first played chess?

1247 . When did Geet Sethi receive his first professional title?

1248 . Who was the first boxer to receive Arjuna Award?
Buddy De'suza

1249 . Name the first Indian Chess player who defeated the world champion?
Sultan Khan

1250 . Name the cities which have hosted the Olympic Games twice?
Paris,London,Los Angeles
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1251 . With what sport is Madison Square Garden associated?

1252 . Which Indian hockey player has scored maximum goals in olympics?
Surinder Singh Sodhi 16 goals

1253 . Which sport is known as Toxophily?

1254 . Who was the first Indian to score a double century against the West Indies?
Dilip Sardesai

1255 . How many players make a Baseball Team?

1256 . What are the two types of style adopted in international weightlifting?
Snatch & the Clean & Jerk

1257 . Kapil Dev the Indian Cricketer has written his autobiography. Name the book?
By Gods Grace

1258 . Which famous cricketer retired from cricket after the Reliance Cup?
Sunil Gavaskar

1259 . The first space rocket to hit the moon?
Lunik II (USSR)

1260 . The first spacecraft to soft-land on Mars?
Viking-I (USA)
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1261 . The first artificial earth satellite?
Sputnik-I of USSR (1957)

1262 . The first European invader on Indian Soil?
Alexander the Great

1263 . The first European to visit China?
Marco Polo

1264 . The first Chinese Pilgrim who came to India?

1265 . The first woman to conquer Mt.Everest?
Mrs.Junko Tabei (Japan) in 1975

1266 . The first man to conquer Mt.Everest?
Sherpa Tenzing (India) in 1953

1267 . The first man to have climbed Mt.Everest twice?
Nawang Gombu

1268 . The first person to sail round the world?
Magellan (Portugal) in 1519

1269 . The Heroine of the famous classic `Gone with the Wind' was?
Sarlet O'Hara

1270 . The title of Dr.Salim Ali's autobiography is?
Fall of Sparrow
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1271 . The first actress of Indian screen was?
Kamalabai Gokhale

1272 . Tansen,the famous musician was once defeated by another musician whose name was?
Baiju Bawra

1273 . Pablo Picasso derived his surname from?
His mother

1274 . The 1992 Bhartiya Gnanpith Award was won by?
Naresh Mehta

1275 . The 1997 Dada Saheb Phalke Award was won by?
Kavi Pradeep

1276 . The Three Musketeers was written by?
Alexander Dumas

1277 . Sarojini Naidu is more popularly known as?
Nightingale of India

1278 . The author of the book `Cricket My style' was?
Kapil Dev

1279 . The book "Unto this Last" was written by?
John Ruskin

1280 . K.L. Saigal was a famous?
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