General Knowledge Questions Answers

961 . Which type of coal is difficult to light in the open air?

962 . Leukaemia or blood cancer is characterised by abnormal increase of which cells?
White blood cells

963 . Howmany subjects are in the Union list?
97 subjects

964 . Which instrument instrument used for recording earthquake waves?

965 . Which Mughalemperor gave land for the construction of the Golden Temple at Amritsar?

966 . What does Oxidation involve?
Loss of electrons

967 . Among South Asian countries which one is the Maternal Mortality Ratio (per 1,000 live births) lowest?

968 . What is meant by 'Underwriting', the term frequently used in financial sector?
Under valuation of the assets.

969 . 'Caldera' is a feature associated with which thing?

970 . Under the leadership of which Guru did the Sikh become a political and military force?
Guru Gobind Singh
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971 . Which Part of plant is important for the life cycle of plant?

972 . By which committee were Mandai Panchayats recommended?
Ashok Mehta Committee

973 . What will be If a pendulum clock be taken from the earth to a revolving artificial satellite?
It will stop altogether

974 . Which city is associated with the river Mekong?

975 . Which decisive battle was fought during the Third Carnatic War between the English and the French?

976 . Coolgardie lies in the Australian province of which direction?
Western Australia

977 . Gum Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which dance form?

978 . Which is an insectivorous plant?
Pitcher plant

979 . A shipmet with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. Where was the ship was sailing?
Mediterranean Sea

980 . Which gave an impetus to the growth of militant nationalism on a widespread scale?
Partition of Bengal
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981 . Which describes India as a Secular State?
Preamble to the Constitution

982 . Which gase changes lime water in milky colour?
Carbon dioxide

983 . Planning in India derives its objectives from which policy?
Directive Principles of State policy

984 . There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal. What is it called?
Ninety east ridge

985 . Who was the ruler of Deogiri at the time of Alauddin Khalji's invasion?
Ramchandra Dev

986 . Who has scored the most runs in a one day International Cricket innings?
Virendra Sehwag

987 . Which is the type of movement that occurs during opening and closing of flower?
Nastic movement

988 . The source of India's sovereignty lies in which thing?
Preamble to the Constitution

989 . Which sector of the economy is state owned and its service sector is a public enterprise?

990 . Which Sikh Guru assumed the title 'Sachcha Badshah'?
Guru Teg Bahdur
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991 . Mercury thermometers can be used to measure temperature up to how many °C?

992 . Which player has scored the most run in a single Test Innings?
Brain Lara

993 . In which sector is 70% of working population of India engaged?
Primary sector

994 . Which is the largest producer of fruits in the Anglo-American Region?

995 . Which Governor General had entertained Ranjit Singh with great honour at Ropar?
William Bentich

996 . What is required for synthesis of carbohydrate?
Carbon dioxide

997 . How many times can the President of India return a Non-money Bill, passed by Parliament?

998 . What does Gobar gas contains mainly?

999 . Which is the state that is top in the cultivation of flowers?
Tamil Nadu

1000 . Why is Mohenjodaro is also known?
Mound of the Dead
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