General Knowledge Questions Answers

881 . Which is UN Programme and not special agency?

882 . Who is the author of the famous novel 'Gone with the Wind'?
Charles Dickens

883 . Which mammal rolls itself into ball at the time of danger?

884 . Which State has the largest forest area. ?

885 . Sufi Kalam, a type of devotional music, is the characteristic of which state?

886 . Which Directive Principle of State Policy has NOT been implemented so far?
Uniform civil code for the citizens

887 . When some detergent is added to water, what will be the surface tension?

888 . What is the situation with increasing unemployment and inflation termed?

889 . Port Blair - the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located in which island?
South Andaman

890 . What was the original name of Tansen, the most famous musician at the court of Akbar?
Ramtanu Pande
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891 . Which Sanskrit poet called as the Indian Shakespeare?

892 . How many chamber are found in the heart of frog?

893 . Which amendments accorded precedence to Directive Principle over Fundamental Rights?
42nd Amendment

894 . Which is the biggest lake in India?
Chilka Lake

895 . Which Indian ruler established embassies in foreign countries. on modern lines?
Tipu Sultan

896 . In an atom the order of filling up of the orbitals is governed by which principle?
Aufbau principle

897 . Which decade is celebrated as United Nations Decade for Women?

898 . Which agency has the power to declare any industrial unit as a potentially sick unit?

899 . Which are the west-flowing rivers of southern Indian which flow into Arabian Sea?
Narmada and Tapti

900 . When was the Indus Valley Civilization flourished?
During 2500-1750 B.C
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901 . The Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year'?

902 . Which type of glass can cut of ultraviolet rays?
Crookes glass

903 . Who was the first to land on moon?
Neil Armstrong

904 . The removal of rock, layer by layer due to weathering what is called?

905 . In 1757, By whom was the Siraj-ud-daula defeated?

906 . Which groups suffer the most from inflation?

907 . Which organism is required for the preparation of alcohol?

908 . The five year term of the President is calculated from which day?
The day he assumes charge

909 . Which is the main difference between the Western and Eastern Ghats?

910 . According to the Govt. of India Act of 1935, India had been divided into how many provinces?
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911 . What is the chemical formula for water glass?

912 . In which year, UN General Assembly terminated South Africa's mandate over Namibia?

913 . Which can one come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca?

914 . Which new alluvial deposits found in the Gangetic plain?

915 . Why is the date April 6, 1930 known in Indian History?
Dandi March by Mahatma Gandhi

916 . Which is known as master gland in man?

917 . By whom is the parliament's expenditure is controlled?
Comptroller and Auditor General

918 . Which phenomena can not be attributed to the refraction of light?

919 . Which feature is the product of vulcancity ?

920 . In which inscription was the name Dharmasoka found?
Sarnath Inscription
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