General Knowledge Questions Answers

281 . Which mixture is homogeneous?
Methanol and water

282 . Who is the author of the book 'Nice Guys Finish Second'?
Michael Hammer

283 . Book of poems entitled 'Lamhe Lamhe' is written by which Indian actress?
Deepti Naval

284 . In which ocean are Hawaiian islands are located?
North Pacific Ocean

285 . In which year was the first Indian Councils Act passed?

286 . Which organelle is present in bacteria or prokaryotic cell ?

287 . After howmany years One-third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire?
Second 3 year

288 . If the density of water is 1 gcm-3 in C.G.S. System, what is its value in M.K.S. system?
10 kg m-3

289 . Amravati, Bhavani, Hemavati and Kabini are tributaries of which river?

290 . By whom was the Doctrine of Lapse introduced?
Lord Dalhousie
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291 . What is temporary tax levied to obtain additional revenue?

292 . Which author won the Booker Prize twice?
J.M. Coetzee

293 . Which hormone contains iodine?

294 . Which soil is most suitable for cultivation of cereals?
Alluvial soils

295 . Who were the ashta-diggaja in the court of Krishnadeva Raya ?
Eight telugu poets

296 . By whom the oath to a High Court Judge is administered?

297 . The highest temperature is achieved in which type furnance?

298 . Who among the following is the first Asian Winner of Nobel Prize?
Rabindranath Tagore

299 . What are the plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions called?

300 . Which Bahmani ruler built the famous Gol Gumbaj at Bijapur?
Muhammd Adil Shah
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301 . The Imperial Bank of India, after nationalisation was given the name of which bank?
State Bank of India

302 . Who is responsible for the sex determination of a child?

303 . How many High Courts in India have jurisdiction over more than one State (Union Territories not included)?

304 . Suez Canal joins which two Sea?
Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

305 . Who gave the motto 'Go back to the Vedas' ?
Swami Dayanand Saraswati

306 . Which is technique used to transmit audio signal in television broadcasts?
Frequency modulation

307 . Which date is known as 'Diabetes Day'?
14th November

308 . Who is the inventor and founder of www?

309 . Which type of soils have a marked capacity to retain water?
Regur soil

310 . In which language was the 'Shrimad Bhagavad Gita' originally written?
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311 . Which was the Russian scientist who proposed the theory of origin of life?

312 . A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha has to be passed/returned by Rajya Sabha within howmany days?
14 days

313 . What is laughing gas?
Nitrous oxide

314 . Under which climatic conditions do the laterite soils develop?
Wet tropical climate

315 . Who wrote Sanskrit Grammar?

316 . During whose viceroyalty was the system of Budget introduced in India?

317 . When is the Commonwealth Day observed by its member countries?

318 . Which set contains foods rich in carbohydrates?
Banana, potato and rice

319 . Which country in Africa has luxurious tropical rain forests?
Ivory coast

320 . Which was not a kingdom in ancient India?
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