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In October 2013, Petronas Lubricants International announced $50 million investment in a lubricant oil blending plant, its first in India. Petronas is a oil and gas company from ________?

Terminology :
chemistry : the study of elementary and their laws of combination and behaviour.      .. More >>

1.a student who crams
2.a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations
3.a special school where students are crammed
4.a textbook designed for cramming      .. More >>

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Basic English Usage
If you give an apology, you say you are sorry for doing something wrong.

If you give an excuse, you provide a reason or explanation for the problem (this can be seen as trying to avoid responsibility).
  • Apology: "I'm sorry I was late. It won't happen again."
  • Excuse: "I was late because my car wouldn't start."
  • Apology: "I'm sorry for the mistake in my report. I should have checked the statistics more carefully."
  • Excuse: "Well, if you hadn't rushed me to finish the report, I wouldn't have made a mistake!"

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