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Who among the following is the author of the book titled 'Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Germany'?

The average number of peanuts in a box of Cracker Jacks is 27.      .. More >>

myotonia congenita:
1.a mild, rare, congenital form of myotonia characterized by muscle stiffness      .. More >>

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Get seems to be used all the time in spoken English. It has the following basic meanings:

receive, obtain or buy something, e.g. Please get me a newspaper when youre in town;
I got a letter from John today; She got top marks in her exam.
show a change in position - move or be moved, e.g. How are you getting home tonight?
show a change in state - become or make, e.g. We are all getting older if not wiser.

Get also has a number of other more specific meanings.
- Its my turn to get dinner tonight, [prepare a meal]
- I dont get it. Why did he speak like that? [understand]
- His behaviour really gets me at times, [annoy]

The table below shows just some of the phrasal verbs based on get.

Here are some other expressions based on get.

- You seem to have got out of bed on the wrong side today, [be in a bad mood]
- The meeting got off to a good/bad start with JRs speech, [started well/badly]
- Im organising a little get-together. I hope you can come, [informal meeting/party]
- When their relationship ended he got rid of everything that reminded him of her. [threw away, destroyed]
- Im going to get my own back on her somehow, [take my revenge]
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