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Who among the following organized the famous Chittagong armoury raid? [2001]

Recycling is very popular in the movie industry. For example, the set from the axis chemical industry in batman were remains previously used in the classic movie alien. Rooftop scenery and buildings in the matrix were used a year earlier in dark city.      .. More >>

1.the United Nations agency concerned with international maritime activities      .. More >>

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English Grammar
In general, we use northern, southern, eastern, and western to talk about more general, indefinite areas - and north, south, east, and west in official names of places:
  • fficial names of places:
  • North America
  • South Africa
  • East Timor
  • West Virginia

    General areas:
  • northern England
  • southern India
  • eastern Australia
  • western Europe
  • the northern border of the country
  • the southern side of the house
  • the eastern coastline

    (although in the U.S. we say "east coast" and "west coast")
  • the western part of the state
  • ne exception - an example of an "official name" that uses northern and southern -is saying the Northern/Southern Hemisphere to refer to the two halves of the earth divided by the equator.

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