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Anesthesia which allows patients to undergo surgery without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience, has been practiced by man since ancient times. Which among the following plant is the most ancient source of anesthesia preparations?

Element : silver
Symbol : ag
Atomic no. : 47
Melting Point (deg c) : 961.78
Boiling Point (deg c) : 2162
Discoverer : prehistoric      .. More >>

james edmund scripps:
1.United States newspaper publisher and half-brother of Edward Wyllis Scripps (1835-1908)      .. More >>

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If you give an apology, you say you are sorry for doing something wrong.

If you give an excuse, you provide a reason or explanation for the problem (this can be seen as trying to avoid responsibility).
  • Apology: "I'm sorry I was late. It won't happen again."
  • Excuse: "I was late because my car wouldn't start."
  • Apology: "I'm sorry for the mistake in my report. I should have checked the statistics more carefully."
  • Excuse: "Well, if you hadn't rushed me to finish the report, I wouldn't have made a mistake!"

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