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Test # 90
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1. Who among the following replaced Fali Homi Major in Indian Forces in 2009?

Earl Dean developed the bottle design for Coca-Cola      .. Next >>

1.short and thick
2.having a low center of gravity squat n.
1.exercising by repeatedly assuming a squatting position
2.a small worthless amount
3.the act of assuming or maintaining a squatting position squat v.
1.sit on one's heels close to the earth, or be disproportionately wide
3.occupy (a dwelling) illegally      .. More >>
  • Limnology is the study of what ? . Answer ..
  • Basic English Usage
    Types of weather:

    Adjectives and verbs:

    Itís a sunny day in Tokyo today, but itís cloudy in Hong Kong.
    Itís foggy in Sydney and itís snowing / itís snowy in Moscow.
    Itís raining in Barcelona but the sun is shining in Granada.

    Itís lovely weather today, isnít it! [NOT Itís -a- lovely weather.]
    Itís a horrible day, isnít it!
    You cannot say Itís winding / clouding / fogging / sunntag.

    Other useful weather words:

    It is very hot in Mexico - it is often 45 degrees there in summer.
    It is very cold in the Arctic - it is often minus 50 degrees there.
    It is very wet in London - carry an umbrella when you go sightseeing there.
    It is very dry in the Sahara - it doesnít often rain there.
    A hurricane is a very strong wind.
    A storm is when there is a strong wind and rain together.
    A thunderstorm is when there is thunder, lightning, rain and sometimes wind together.

    Tip: If you are able to see the weather forecast in English on television, watch it as often as you can.
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