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Test # 52
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1. Recently (in year 2010) PADA deal of UK was in news as the Conservative Party of UK says that it will bring the UK Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) deal under review if comes to the power in elections in UK which are scheduled to held after 6 months. The deal is worth 600 million and is to administer the National Employee Savings Trust (NEST) scheme for 10 years. Which of the following companies of India has been awarded this deal?

Nobel Prize : Peace
Year : 1979
Name : mother teresa of calcutta
Country : albania - india.      .. More >>

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1.a list in which the next item to be removed is the item most recently stored (LIFO)      .. More >>
Quantitative Aptitude - Test-01
  • What links George Patton Jayne Mansfield Margaret Mitchell ? . Answer ..
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