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Consider the following implications of National Policy on Biofules which was recently (in year 2010) given cabinet node?
1. Its gives clarity on wasteland use for biodiesel plants
2. It ensures comfort of buy back for farmers as corporate are encouraged to take up contract farming through MSP mechanism
3. It makes Sourcing of Funds easier
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The world famous opera house in sydney, australia was designed by the danish architect jrn utzon. It's covered with over one million white ceramic tiles, manufactured by the swedish company hgans.      .. More >>

alpine clubmoss:
1.a variety of clubmoss      .. More >>

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Anxious (= troubled) about, not /or

Don't Say:
They're anxious for his health.

They're anxious about his health.

Anxious meaning wishing very much takes for. Parents are anxious for their children's success.
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