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1. Chashma-3 and Chashma-4 which were recently (in year 2010) news are the following type of power projects of Pakistan?

The fruit of the Cacao tree grow directly from the trunk. They look like small melons, and the pulp inside contains 20 to 50 seeds or beans. It takes about 400 beans to make a pound of chocolate.      .. More >>

1.not enlightened
2.lacking information or instruction
3.lacking general education or knowledge      .. More >>
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  • In what film did Sean Connery sing Pretty Irish Girl ? . Answer ..
  • Using under the rain instead of in the rain

    Don't Say:
    They played football under the rain.

    They played football in the rain.

    Also in the sun and in the shade He was sitttng in the sun (or in the shade)
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