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1. Many a times we read in the newspapers about a term "Repatriation", which refers to transfer of assets from a foreign country to a home country. Which among the following is a consequence of present government rules in context with the "Repatriation"?

The earth's average velocity orbiting the sun is 107,220 km per hour.      .. More >>

windscreen wiper:
1.a mechanical device that cleans the windshield      .. More >>
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  • In which sport is the Wingate trophy awarded ? . Answer ..
  • Basic English Usage
    English Grammar
    1. He's a creep. (= unpleasant, suspicious, makes you afraid/uneasy)
    2. He's a pervert. (= someone with disgusting sexual tendencies)
    3. He's a sicko.
    4. He's a scumbag.
    5. He's an asshole.
    6. He's a jerk.
    7. He's a bastard.
    8. She's a bitch. (= she's irritating and unpleasant)
    9. She's a psycho. (= crazy, irrational)
    10. She's a slut. (= she has sex with a lot of people)
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