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1. All those laws that were in force immediately before the enactment of the constitution shall be void to the extent of inconsistency with the fundamental rights. Essence of Article 13(1) which quotes this can be placed under which of the following?

The largest snail ever found was 39.3 centimetres (15.5 inches) long and weighed 900 grams (2 pounds).      .. More >>

vapour density:
1.the density of a gas relative to the density of hydrogen      .. More >>
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  • David Cornwell is better known as which author ? . Answer ..
  • Basic English Usage
    1. He's a creep. (= unpleasant, suspicious, makes you afraid/uneasy)
    2. He's a pervert. (= someone with disgusting sexual tendencies)
    3. He's a sicko.
    4. He's a scumbag.
    5. He's an asshole.
    6. He's a jerk.
    7. He's a bastard.
    8. She's a bitch. (= she's irritating and unpleasant)
    9. She's a psycho. (= crazy, irrational)
    10. She's a slut. (= she has sex with a lot of people)
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