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Question :
In the UK at least which products selling feature is a magic inch ?
Answer :
E A Careys Pipes

According to Guinness book what's measured in Milli-Helens ?

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Basic English Usage
  • here, there etc
    If we begin a sentence with here or there, we put the whole verb before the subject, if this is a noun.
      Here comes Mrs Foster (not I here Mrs Foster comes)
      There goes your brother.
    If the subject is a pronoun, it comes before the verb.
      Here she comes There he goes
      This structure is possible with some other short adverbs like down, up.
      So I stopped the car, and up walked a policeman.
  • Other adverbs (literary style)
    In descriptive writing and story-telling, other adverbs of place can come at the beginning of a clause, followed by verb + subject.
      Under a tree was sitting the biggest man I have ever seen.
      On the bed lay a beautiful young girl.
  • Reporting (literary style)
    In books, the subject often comes after verbs like said, asked in reporting direct speech.
      What do you mean ?' asked Henry
      If the subject is a pronoun, it comes before the verb.
      'What do you mean?' he asked
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