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Question :
What plants name means wild growing by the Volga ?
Answer :
Rhubarb - Rha Volga Barb - Wild

According to Guinness book what's measured in Milli-Helens ?

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Benefits of Honeydew


A ripe honeydew melon has more nutritional value than one that is overripe. When purchasing a honeydew melon, look for one that is light green with a creamy white rind, has a sweet scent and does not show signs of bruising or injury, suggests Iowa State University Extension.

Use spend time to talk about the time you do an activity:
  • I pass spend a lot of time reading.
  • We passed spent an hour discussing the best way to finish the project.

    The expression pass the time is different - it means doing something to make the time pass faster while you are waiting for something else:
  • I look at the magazines to pass the time while waiting for my appointment at the dentist's office.

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