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Where could you spend a Metical - capital Maputo ?
Answer :

According to Guinness book what's measured in Milli-Helens ?

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  • Spelling
      [singular noun + 's] : my father[s]car
      [plural noun + '] : my parent[s] house
      [irregular plural + 's] : the children [s] room
    We sometimes just add an apostrophe (') to a singular noun ending in -s: Socrates' ideas. But's is more common: Charles's wife.
    We can add's to a whole phrase: the man next door's wife.
  • Pronunciation
      The ending 's is pronounced just like a plural ending . The apostrophe (') in a form like parents' does not change the pronunciation at all.
  • Possessives are not usually used together with other determiners.
    The car that is John's is John's car, not the John's car.
      Have you met Jack's new girl-friend?
      (NOT . . . the Jack's new girl-friend?)
      For the structure a friend of John's etc,
  • We can use the possessive without a following noun.
      'Whose is that?' Peter's '
      We often talk about shops and people's houses in this way.
      Alice is at the hairdresser's
      We had a nice time at John and Susan's last night.
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