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Where could you spend a Metical - capital Maputo ?
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Name the pet peacock on The Walton's ?
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  • Largest Wrestlers in WWE History

    The Undertaker

    Perhaps the single most destructive force in WWE history, The Undertaker possesses the size to intimidate and the inring ability to back it up. Not only can The Demon from Death Valley beat opponents with power, but he knows submission maneuvers (Hells Gate), top rope attacks (Old School) and has been called the best pure striker in WWE. The majority of the giants on this list have fallen to The Deadman at one time or another. The ones who didnt are lucky they never had to step in the ring with him. And his WrestleMania Streak stands as the most impressive record in all of sportsentertainment. Thats why the former WWE Champion is the greatest big man of all time.

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