Question :
Who is the Greek Goddess of witchcraft and black magic ?
Answer :

Where would you find Argine Esther Judith and Pallas ?
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    Ski touring

    Ski touring is done off piste and outside of ski resorts. Tours may extend over multiple days. Typically, skis, bindings, and boots allow for free movement of the heel to enable a walking pace, as with Nordic disciplines and unlike Alpine skiing.Ski tourings subgenre ski mountaineering involves independently navigating and route finding through potential avalanche terrain, and often requires familiarity with meteorology along with skiing skills. Ski touring can also be faster and easier than summer hiking in some terrain allowing for traverses and ascents that would be harder in the summer. Skis can also be used to access backcountry alpine climbing routes when snow is off the technical route, but still covers the hiking trail.In some countries, organizations maintain a network of huts for use by cross country skiers in wintertime. For example, the Norwegian Trekking Association maintains over 400 huts stretching across hundreds of kilometres of trails which are used by hikers in the summer and by skiers in the winter.

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