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Who was Agrippa's son ?
Answer :

Dead mans hand was Aces and Eights plus which other card ?
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    Purging cassia (E), Amaltas (H):

    A gentle laxative used to clear pitta from the intestines.

    Digestion Beneficial where there is constipation from heat drying the fluids in the colon. Specific for high pitta in the intestines where pacaka and ran˜jaka pitta are aggravated. As a gentle laxative it is used in children, the elderly and in pregnancy where constitutionally appropriate. It descends apana vayu and clears flatulence. It is a specific remedy to help ease the discomfort of piles . Skin By helping to eliminate pitta toxins from the rasa and rakta dhatu it benefits skin aggravations by cleansing the blood. Most useful for hot and damp skin conditions with itching, suppuration and inflammation (Caraka Samhita, Williamson). Bleeding Helps in bleeding from any of the mucous membranes. Fever The ayurvedic adage is to purge a fever after it breaks, 'natu reco jvarani', and aragvadha is specifically indicated for cleansing the bowel after a fever .

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