Question :
Mendelssohn's Wedding March comes from which work ?
Answer :
A Midsummer Nights Dream

Which kind of flower has the most species ?
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    During the 1930s, a supercar called the Thunderbolt was the fastest landbased craft in the world. The Thunderbolt, piloted by Captain George E.T. Eyston, first set a record of 312 miles per hour in 1937. Eyston was able to incorporate redesigns and improve the Thunderbolts performance, and eventually hit speeds of 357.49 miles per hour in September 1938. The Thunderbolt used two RollsRoyce RType V12 aero engines, the same type used in the Blue Bird of years prior. Although the vehicle was destroyed in a fire sometime after its retirement, a surviving engine can be seen at the Science Museum in London.

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