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Question :
In which Dickens novel does Little Nell appear ?
Answer :
The Old Curiosity Shop

What translates as The fist foot way ?

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The preposition, the sixth part of speech, is a word that shows the relation-
between a noun (or a pronoun) and another word in the sentence.

Mollie walked into her aunt’s house. (Into connects walked and house.)

My mom exercises quietly in the morning. (In connects the idea of

exercises and morning.)

The professor placed the book underneath the large desk. (Underneath

connects the idea of placed and desk.)

Note: To remember many of the one-word prepositions listed in the following

box, remember the sentence, ‘‘The plane flew ..............the clouds.’’

Any word that can be logically placed into that blank is a preposition. Then

simply memorize those few that do not work in that sentence (aboard, as,

but, concerning, despite, during, except, like, of , out, since, till, until, with, and

without), and you will know your prepositions!

aboard about above across
after against along among
around as at before
behind below beneath beside
besides between beyond but
by concerning despite down
during except for from
in inside into like
near of off on
onto opposite out outside
over past since through
throughout till to toward
under underneath until up
upon with within without

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