Question :
Who would you expect to find in Castle Gondolofo ?
Answer :
The Pope

Where would you find Argine Esther Judith and Pallas ?
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  • Stylish Hair

    Wavy Curls

    Hair type: Long or medium wavy hair

    Hair Spray, bobby pins, curling iron

    a. Comb your hair into a side parting. Gather hair from the bigger section, twist it up several times and tuck it with bobby pins on the parting. Use more pins to tuck any loose hair.
    b. Collect your hair from the other side and tuck them in a similar way.
    c. Now twist a section of the hair around the vertical iron rod making a spiral. Repeat the process until all the hair is curled.
    d. Run your fingers through the curls lightly to loosen them and put hair spray.

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