Question :
What term was coined July 17th 1942 issue of Yank magazine ?
Answer :
G I Joe

Where would you find Argine Esther Judith and Pallas ?
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    Check your email first thing

    This one is fairly counterintuitive; basically everyone says not to check email right away, but I do and find it extremely useful. Here are some ways checking email first helps me to be more productive during the day.

    If you work in a remote team like we do at Buffer, a business trend that is increasingly more common, youll know what its like to have half of your team (or more) working while youre asleep. If you need to work closely with others, its important to check in before you start your workday and make sure youre on the same page as everyone else.

    Since I started working at Buffer, Ive woken up to emails saying I had typos to fix, a new blog post published, and even that Buffer had been hacked. Dealing with important issues first thing helps me make quick decisions about whether my day needs to be adjusted to fit in with what everyone else is doing or whether I can proceed with the tasks I already had planned.

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