Question :
What is a Cattalo ?
Answer :
Buffalo and cow cross

Name the pet peacock on The Walton's ?
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    How to shoot moving water

    Short shutter speeds do a good job of capturing a waterfall and its surroundings, but you ll achieve a far more attactive result by slowing things down. To do this without overexposing your image, start by switching out of auto and reducing your camera s sensitivity to its lowest setting (usually around ISO 100 or ISO 80), then either use a neutral density (ND) filter or, if you don t have one or can t fit one to your camera, dial down the exposure compensation to its lowest level (usually 2EV, 3EV or 5EV).

    Mount your camera on a tripod, half press the shutter release to fix the focus point and exposure and then press it all the way to take the picture, being careful not to shake the camera while it s taking the shot. It ll take some experimentation to get this right, so don t be put off if you don t get the perfect results first time around.By taking this picture with a slower shutter we ve softened the water both in the waterfall and passing in front of the lens.

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