Question :
According to the poem who dug the grave for cock robin ?
Answer :
The Owl

Where would you find Argine Esther Judith and Pallas ?
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    The Uzbekistan country code is 998. The nationality of Uzbekistan is Uzbekistanis.The capital of Uzbekistan is TashkentLargest Cities in Uzbekistan by population: Samarqand Viloyati, Farg'ona Viloyati, Qashqadaryo Viloyati, Toshkent Viloyati, Andijon Viloyati, Namangan Viloyati, Toshkent Shahri, Surxondaryo Viloyati, Qaraqalpaqstan Respublikasi, Buxoro Viloyati. Local Telephone Prefix: 8 is the trunk code for Uzbekistan

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