Question :
Where can you drive your car on the Nippon Clip On ?
Answer :
Auckland Harbour Bridge

Where would you find Argine Esther Judith and Pallas ?
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    Finding the Best Vacation Packages in Hawaii

    Another great tip is to compare the costs of different Hawaii travel packages carefully. Prices can vary greatly, so it always pays to spend some time researching your options and shopping around for the best deals. With a little work, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on your Hawaii vacation.One of the hardest parts of planning a vacation to Hawaii is deciding which of the Hawaiian islands to visit. Oahu is known for its amazing nightlife and outstanding beaches, making it a great choice for vacationing couples. If you're planning your honeymoon, then head to Maui, which is the number one honeymoon destination in the world. For couples looking for stunning views and romantic sunsets, the island of Kauai offers astounding seaside cliffs and secluded beaches.If you are traveling with the entire family, the Big Island offers perhaps the greatest amount of recreational options, with activities ranging from horseback riding to volcano watching. Would you prefer to be pampered during your stay? Then head to Lanai with its exclusive resorts, hotels and spas. For those looking for a unique Hawaiian experience, the traditional-minded island of Molokai, with its authentic Hawaiian food, culture and adventure, is a must.

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