Question :
What pop group said "Were only in it for the volume" ?
Answer :
Black Sabbath

Preparing to invade Japan in WW2 the US ordered 400000 what ?
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    Mallet Length

    Polo mallets range in size from 49 to 54 inches in length. The specific mallet length is usually on the head of the polo mallet.

    Mallet Head

    Polo mallet heads are available in a variety of weights and shapes. Polo mallet heads are generally made of ash wood or maple. The striking head is 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 inches long. Different polo mallet head shapes enable a player to hit the ball in different ways. A polo mallet that is too heavy can eventually lead to muscle fatigue, wrist strain or even an injury.


    The whippiness of a mallet refers to the flexibility of its shaft. Varying degrees of shaft flexibility provide increased control. Polo players have individual preferences for the amount of whippiness they need to properly time the hitting of a polo ball. A more flexible shaft allows better hitting distance but less control when in close.

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