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Complete the Quote "Alas! Poor Yorick! I knew him, ?" ?
Answer :

Who coined the term security blanket ?
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    Chhath Puja Fast

    Chhath Puja falls on the sixth day of the Kartik month of Hindu lunar calendar and somewhere in the month of October or November according to the Christian calendar.The words Chhath means the number six of the Indian numeric system, as festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the Kartik month.The Chhath Puja has roots deep rooted in the Hindu mythology and there are different legends too which speak about such festivals.Rigveda the first Veda contains hymns which can be sung for worshipping the Sun God and it also describes some rituals which are similar to the Chhath rituals.The epic Mahabharata contains depictions of princess Draupadi observing similar rites on advice of the sage Dhaumya to regain the lost kingdom.A legend also states that Karna was the one who started the ritual of Chhath for pleasing his father the Sun God.In the ancient times, the rishis used to conduct the ritual of Chhath to gain energy directly from the sun and not from any other available source.

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